Chakra Efendi - Grow Up
Directed, shot and edited by me.

My debut music video - shot on super 8 around Brisbane, Australia. 
Premiered on Life Without Andy / added to Rotation on ABC's Rage.


Something I like about you.
Directed, shot and edited by me.

Before I head overseas for a while, I documented video portraits of friends as a keepsake of my life in Brisbane. I wanted to share these with something I like about that person. Here goes.

Shot on 8mm film, around Brisbane, Australia.

Video: Savannah van der Niet.
Music: 'Favourite Flower' by Milow Pye (


Standert Pfadfinder.
Directed, shot and edited by me.

A small promotional film for Standert Bicycles' Pfadfinder bike. Shot in Berlin, Germany in 2019.


Summer on Super 8.
Directed, shot and edited by me.

My first roll of super 8 film, shot over December 2017 and January 2018.
Soundtrack is 'Child' by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

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